Jul 13 2011 - by Bridget Gibbons

We’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of using Facebook for your small business…. But today, we are going to talk about the pitfalls.  Many of these may seem self-evident but I still find my clients occasionally fall into these traps, so it never hurts to repeat.  Paraphrasing this article from Mashable.com,

Top 5 Social Media Traps* Don’t appear so evidently self-serving – Of course, it’s important to link your social media presence to your overall company objectives; however, one of the keys to social media success is being relevant not just to your own interests, but to those of your audience.

* Don’t be a yawn – Being boring or predictable on social networking sites won’t get you very far.  Related to #1 above, it’s critical to create content that’s funny, compelling or useful so it has clear value to your audience.

* Take the time to do it right – According to many consultants, SMBs often “set and forget” with social media.  But playing in the social media-sphere, you are making a commitment to post and check early and often.   In fact, that’s the name of the game.

* Learn the tools and functionality – There’s a lot more than can be done with social media than just presenting ideas in a two-dimensional space.  Both upfront and in the background, you should understand the best and most innovative ways to offer and analyze your content.

* Don’t violate the terms – Stating the obvious, there are “rules” for using social media appropriately.  Just like in real life, you should treat your customers and visitors with respect and integrity.  You are making a personal connection that hopefully will engender loyalty and repeat business.

Have you made any of these mistakes?  Any lessons learned you’d like to share?



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