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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.


“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.




CFO, Perfect Inc.
“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.
Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Marketing
Keyword Importance

Have you ever searched for your keywords and found you didn’t even rank on the first page? Search engine placement has been a mysterious art since the search engines changed up the way they rank the sites. So just how do you rank high?

Many times people use luck, skill, and strategy to get high-ranking spots. The way a search engine ranks sites has changed. It used to be based on the number of keywords you had on your page. Many spammers caught on and started creating content empty pages with thousands of keywords crammed together. Have you ever seen a page with a lot of white space at the bottom and nothing about what you were searching about at the top? That page was optimized for the old way search engines ranked sites.

Keyword Research

I’m going to give you three tips to help your Internet marketing search engine placement. I can promise you that if you follow these three tips, you will be on your way to reaching that #1 ranking.

Three Keyword Tips for Search Engine Placement

1. Keyword Importance – Getting the right keywords can’t be stressed enough. For Internet marketing search engine placement no tip takes as much time as this one. Keywords are what people look for and if you choose one that has a very high number of returns your chances of getting to the top are slim. Search Google with quotes around your keyword. This will return the number of exact matches.

2. Long Tailed Keywords – Long-tailed keywords are the details people are searching for. They also have less competition than general keywords. Typically you need at least three words in your keywords to increase your chances at being ranked #1. More keywords will narrow the focus closer to your niche. It will also be easier to be on the top ranking sites.

3. Appropriate Keywords – When you start searching for keywords make sure your keywords match your niche. There are many ways to say the same thing and your niche will probably only find a couple of those ways. You need to understand how they think and what they will search for. Visiting forums where people in your niche visit and discuss problems is the best way to figure out what is going on in their heads.

Keywords are the source of most sales online. Internet marketing search engine placement relies a great deal on having the right keywords in the correct order that mean something to your niche. They have to be the words they use and the way they use them. Just because you use keywords with low competition doesn’t mean you will be successful in Internet marketing. Search engine placement is the gauge of how many people will see your site.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Technology
What Is Impedance?

Impedance refers to the level of resistance to electricity flow through an electrical device. An ohm is used for this measurement. All appliances, including speakers, will have some amount of electrical impedance. Many speakers have an electric resistance ranging from four to eight ohms.

One can describe impedance as the domain frequency ratio for the voltage to electric current. Generally speaking, impedance is a complex number that has the same units for resistance. It is important to note that Oliver Heaviside was the first to define impedance in 1886.

Impedance in headphones is comparable to electrical resistance, as they both opposed to the electricity flow through a wire. Resistance takes place in DC or direct current cables, while impedance happens in AC or alternating current wires. The frequency carried by an electrical signal can affect impedance, unlike resistance. The Z symbol represents impedance, but complex number depiction is usually more powerful for purposes which involve circuit analysis.

Electrical impedance in headphones is the measure of an opposition that is presented by a circuit to a current with applied voltage. In measurable terms, it’s the combined voltage ratio to the current in AC or alternating current circuit. Whenever a channel is running with DC or direct current, there is no difference between the resistance and impedance.

The impedance concept is introduced in AC circuits since there are two more impeding mechanisms to take into consideration aside from the natural DC circuit resistance. These are the introduction of voltages in the self-induced conductors by the magnetic currents fields and the electrostatic charge induced storage by voltages in between conductors. These effects caused impedance that is collectively called the reactance, and they create the imaginary portion of complex impedance while resistance creates the real part.

Another term that you will come across while you are on this subject is impedance matching. In electronics, this practice refers to the designing of the input impedance for an electrical load or the output for the corresponding signal to minimize the reflections or maximize power transfer from the charge. It’s worth mentioning that the impedance matching concept was developed initially for the electrical engineering field, but it can be applied to other areas where some energy form is transferred between a load and a source. This energy doesn’t have to be electrical.


Impedance mismatch is one more term that you might want to know about. Most professionals believe that this is an adverse occurrence in the software construction and it happens when two mismatched languages form an eclectic mix. This could involve the language for programming that is utilized to make client applications in a database and query language that is used to access and improve a database.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Technology
Cordless Headphones

If you are looking for the best cordless headphones in the market today then perhaps you should brace yourself for a ton of results that will come your way during a search.  While it is true that you can buy a cordless headphone whether online or by checking out your local gadget stores nearest you, it is still rather important that you should not go into the temptation of impulsive and rush buying.  In scouting for the best product for your taste, it is important that you will be able to maximize your search, find the exact type of gadget to your liking, and buy it most affordable or cost-effectively.

Best wireless headphones

In choosing the top one among the best cordless headphones available today, it is highly recommended to take into account some of the most important buying factors and tips, namely:

  • Sound quality.  Because you are buying a headphone, then it is essential for you to check the audio quality of the product.  Check the clarity, detail and sound quality if possible.  If you opt to buy online then gather as much user and expert reviews about the product; some users and consumers usually post their own experiences with an individual product.  The more you compare and contrast, the easier you will arrive at the best choice.   If you value the sound quality above everything else, then it is best to choose headphones with a certified sonic detail system optimized for it will ensure you a well-balanced sound.
  • Ease and convenience.  Comfort is one of the most preferred factors in buying essentials, and in checking out headphones, you have to root for the product that can guarantee you the ease and convenience you deserve.  Headphones with super slim designs will surely feel and look lighter (whether over the head or behind the ears) and are proven convenient over extended periods of time.  Also, check out the system set-up and the essential functions of the headphones and find out if it supports an easy accessibility to them.  The quality of ear pads also matters.
  • Cheap repair rates.  Cheap replacement rates only mean that the product is durable enough to withstand a considerable amount of time.  It can also be redirected from the fact that it should not be too complicated to maintain and that it should have a solid track record for reliability and durability.
  • Price.  The price is also an important factor, especially for those people who are on a lean budget and who want to optimize the worth of their expenses.

Always remember that different brands for cordless headphones vary; the design, manufacture and release date also account for price variation and product reliability and performance.  The overall impact and your impression upon coming across with a certain headphone brand account for its interface designs, like the quality of the ear pads, lightweight materials, and collapsible headbands.  Just make sure that the kind of headphone you will have in the end will give you the most comfortable fit and audio performance with utmost satisfaction.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Technology


Relative newcomers to the DJ Headphones market, Danish company AIAIAI (pronounced ‘I-I-I’) have created quite a stir with their minimalistic offering, the TMA-1.  It seems like they focused on trying to make the perfect tool for professional DJ’s, testing and developing the product with globe-trotting stars such as A-track, Hudson Mohawke, and Claude von Stroke, just to name a few. The TMA-1’s have been built to compete with the industry standard HD25-ii’s by Sennheiser, used by the vast majority of professional touring DJ’s for the last ten years or so.  So are the TMA-1’s in the same league?

Un Boxing

Those with an appreciation for design certainly won’t be disappointed by AIAIAI’s packaging for the TMA-1s. The headphones are presented in a foam similar to the acoustic treatment foam used in studios.  Underneath is the cable complete with ¼ inch adaptor, a second pair of ear pads made from leather-like material and a rather nice looking soft case sporting an oversized heavy duty zipper and a yellow mesh lining.

Build and Design

 AIAIAI’s TMA-1’s design is lightweight, simple and deceivingly functional.  A flexible headband connects the two ‘on ear’ cups with coiled cables on the show between them.  The minimalist design and matt rubber type finish give them almost a futuristic look, in fact, they really wouldn’t look out of place in one of the latest Batman movies.  These headphones won’t attract anyone who likes shiny, flashy, look at me stylings in their DJ equipment. However, they should go down quite nicely with anyone into the understated European design.  And any wannabe superheroes.

The headband is made from a nylon material.  The flexible properties of this material allow the headphones to be twisted and-and stretched considerably without any damage done to the integrity to the headband or original shape.  This has many benefits.  Not only is the TMA-1’s headband very durable, able to withstand a good stepping on, but its ability to be twisted also makes up for the fact that neither of the cups has a ‘swivel’ type function.  Usually, Headphones without this feature are unable to withstand the constant twisting caused by placing one of the ear cups behind the ear and headbands will often snap over time, but like the HD25-ii’s, the flexible headband stops this from happening.  Consequently, the TMA-1’s do not fold down like other DJ headphones so do take up more room in your DJ bag.

Aiaiai TMA-1 Review

The ear cups themselves are made from the same nylon material with a choice of two earpads, one made from a synthetic material, the other from leather.  The ear pads detach easily when needed and have a reliable mechanism for staying in place.  The cups are connected by a cable that runs through the headband, and that is exposed above each driver.  The exposed cable is thick and tuff,  coiled to allow extension when extending the headband for larger heads.  This process is made accessible by small notch type holes at the ends of the headband.  There is also some ‘play’ in the join between cup and band that allows the cup to pivot slightly, which allows easy one ear monitoring.

The overall fit of the headphones is good, both for one and two ear monitoring.  The TMA-1s don’t have as much padding as some other DJ headphones on the market so aren’t the most comfortable when it comes to hours of usage but should do most people just fine.  There is a right amount of tension that keeps headphones on the head without being too much over time,  and even with the moderate head movement, they should stay secure. So unless you’re one of those crazy dubstep ‘1000 moves a minute’ type of DJ’s in the booth, you should be just fine.


The TMA-1’s have an impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity of 103db.  In real person speak, there f*ing loud!  The AIAIAI’s are one of the strongest pairs of DJ cans available giving you clarity at every level and even on mixers with cheap headphones output, you’ll be sure to get good volume.  The lows and mids are warm, punchy bass at a level that isn’t over the top and lots of clarity in the mid frequencies. The highs are dimmer than on a lot of phones; this has been done on purpose to you allow monitoring for longer without damaging your ears. Compared to the Sennheiser HD-25-ii’s for instance, the sound is slightly louder, with more a bit more kick and a less high hat.

If the TMA-1’s have a weakness, it’s in their noise reduction capabilities. The on-ear cups fail to block as much noise as other similar headphones that clamp stronger to the head but having said that, its not the end of the world and loudness of the model makes it a negligible factor.

Ear Cups and Cables

As mentioned previously, the headphones ships with two pairs of ear pads, synthetic and protein leather.  Its advisable to test both as the different pads both give different sounds. The pad locking system is a clever one, not unlike the type most speaker grills use.  Why has no one has thought of this before? It makes changing of replacing your pads so easy compared to other replaceable pads on the market. The supplied coiled cable has a unique locking mechanism at the headphone end rather than screwing in.  This is great as it means that it will fit any cable with a 1/8inch jack, not that you would want to, as the cable supplied is both lightweight and durable.  At the mixer end, there is an L shaped 1/4inch jack, designed to make harder to detach from your console accidentally. The AIAIAI’s are also available to buy ‘with a microphone.’  This gives you a second, straight cable with an iPhone remote for use with any apple products you may have.  The ‘Beatport edition’ comes with  $5 Beatport voucher and has green colored cables, whereas the ‘fools gold’ version has yep you guessed it, gold-colored wires.  Currently, ear pads, cables, and soft bag replacements are available. Click here to see price, ratings and reviews on amazon.


Weight (g) 190
Frequency Range (Hz) 20-20,000
Driver Type Dynamic
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 103
Impedance (Ohm) 32
Max Input (mW) Unknown
Cable Type Coiled, removable
Cable length (m) 1.5
Also included Soft pouch and 1/4inch adapter

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