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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.




CFO, Perfect Inc.
“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.
Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Technology
DJ Headphones for you

Whether you’re still looking for your first DJ setup or touring the world on a regular basis, getting the best DJ headphones is an important task.  So, what are the things to look for? How much will you need to spend? What does impedance mean?

In today’s world of Jargon, celebrity endorsement and marketing hype, it can be hard to cut through the bullsh*t to get the information you need.
This is where this site comes in.  We have some tools plus extensive product reviews to help you make an informed decision, choosing the right headphones for your needs to fit your wallet.

Below is an interactive chart of some of the headphones currently available (we are adding to it all the time). You can use this to narrow down the search before you look at the top contenders more closely. If you’re new to DJ’ing, it might be worth checking out our beginner’s guide; this will tell you what makes DJ headphones different to regular headphones and what to look out for. We also have a detailed review section where you can get to know the best DJ headphones before you buy, with pictures and full specs it’s a great resource. Finally, we also have a glossary where you can check out any terms you haven’t heard before or don’t quite understand.

DJ Headphones for you

Clicking at the top of any of the column will sort the table by that column. These are:

  • Model – Clicking on the model will take you to an in-depth review when available.
  • Price – Taken from Amazon, this is a rough guide as prices often change with discounts and special offers available quite frequently. Basically, $ = under $100, $$ = $100-$160, $$$ = $160-$200, $$$$ = $200+. Clicking on an individual price icon will take you to the best price on Amazon.
  • Weight – In Grams
  • Cord Length – In meters
  • Ear Cup Style – On-Ear or Over-Ear, for more information check out our Jargon page.
  • Rating – Taken from Amazon, these are user rating reviews to give you an idea of what users think.

Below are 3 of best DJ Headphones available right now on the market.

The Don: Sennheiser HD25-1ii

The HD25′s have been the top choice for pro DJs for well over 10years now. Excellent sound quality and a durable construction have made these ‘on ear’ Sennheisers the ‘industry standard’ in DJ headphones, similar to the Technics 1210s turntables in the 1990s and more recently, the Pioneer DJM Series. Made in Ireland, replacement parts are available for every single element of the Headphones, and while not cheap, they do ensure the HD25s will last.
Read a full review for the Sennheiser HD25-1ii here

Best Value: AIAIAI TMA-1

Designed in Denmark and tested by 25 international touring DJs, the TMA-1s are the new kid on the scene. These pair of cans are comparable in every way to the top DJ headphones money can buy while often half the price. Anti ear fatigue sound and minimalistic looks are two great features of these hard-wearing headphones.
Read a full review for the AIAIAI TMA-1 here

Looks Good: Beats By Dr. Dre Mixr

At the high end of the DJ headphones market, seems certain don’t come cheap. However, these looks are matched by high-quality sound and some great design features. An intelligent cup swivel mechanism and duel ‘daisy chaining’ inputs add to a solid construction and are combined with some well thought out peripherals. Designed by Latin superstar DJ David Guetta.

Sunday, 01 October 2017 / Published in Blog, Technology

In the olden days, DJ’s would cue their next track using a telephone handset speaker, with no pitch control and maybe some EQ if they were lucky.  Fast forward to 2013 and thankfully, times have changed, and headphone manufacturers have come up with many models with the twenty-first century DJ in mind.

Durability and portability are two key factors for any DJ.  Even if you are just a beginner starting out, with any luck, you will soon be jumping at every opportunity to test your skills at house parties and local events, and you will soon know just how well your pair of headphones withstand being stuffed in and out of bags every weekend.  A lot of DJ can fold down into themselves for protection in transit, and some have replaceable parts to prolong their life.

As a DJ, it’s very likely that you will be wearing your headphones a lot.  With that in mind, your new pair needs to be comfortable to wear for long periods.  The materials used as well as headband padding can affect.  Some like phones that fully encase the ears, while others prefer on-ear pads that make the constant switching between ‘on head’ and ‘round neck’ modes.  For anyone making music on the go, you’ll probably be using your cans as portable monitors. Therefore comfort will become even more of necessity.

rawkuss house parties

Of course in this business, sound matters and there is quite a lot to look out for.  In big DJ booths and rawkuss house parties, isolating the sound, you want to listen to and cutting out everything else is essential.  This is called noise reduction.  Loudness is also a key factor for the same reasons. You will want your cans to give you as much volume as possible before distorting.  DJ headphones have a higher sensitivity and impedance than regular headphones to cope with the higher outputs that mixers have.  Don’t try plugging your iPod earphones into your mixer and turning up full; they won’t be instrumental after….  For more info on terms such as sensitivity and impedance check out our jargon buster.

When available, the frequency response is also another important factor to consider.  Every speaker performs differently at each frequency, what this means is that some phones will give you more bass than others whereas some will have greater clarity in the highs.  If you plan to use your new purchase when making your tunes, a flatter response will be desired.  The best time to use this data is when comparing models.

One other thing that’s worth mentioning is style.  As a DJ, you have to look your best.  No one likes a try hard, but turning up for a set of some Headphones held together by Gaffa tape doesn’t look too hot either.  Style is a personal choice so that we will leave that up to you

Everyone is different, and this is not a one size fits all type of deal.  Not one factor alone is most important above everything else for everybody.  You’re looking for the best compromise for you, that Goldilocks zone where everything is just right, including the price.

Check out our tools to help you narrow down the search, and when you’re ready to buy, links to Amazon can be found for each model on the review page.

Good luck and happy mixing

Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog

This month, we reached out to The Digital Arts Experience, a technology education facility in White Plains. The Digital Arts Experience, or DAE, is active on a wide array of social media sites, and regularly posts interactive and creative content, which initially caught our eye. We chatted with Director of Operations Cristina Calabrese, who shared with us her insight on maintaining an exciting presence on social media:

In today’s world, use of social media is an integral part of everyone’s lives- whether you choose to participate in it or not. Everywhere you go, you’ll find a sign, or hear an advertisement that says, “Like us on Facebook,” or “Follow us on Twitter.” It is more than just a way to stay in touch with family and friends. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media applications can all be used to connect with your existing customers, reach new customers, network with other business and increase brand awareness.

Social media marketing differs from traditional marketing in several ways.  For one, with a proper foundational knowledge of best practice usage, you can reach out to an extraordinarily large amount of people that you would normally not be able to with traditional marketing.  Also, unless you choose to pay for certain advertising, social media marketing is free as opposed to traditional marketing, which can cost a lot of money.  Social media can also have “viral” aspects to it where users are compelled to share your content with their followers (if they like it), with the potential for their followers to share it with theirs, and so on!

At The Digital Arts Experience, we believe strongly in the power of social media by using many outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare, and more.  We like to keep all of our pages uniform.  For example, our company logo is almost always the set icon/profile picture on our social media pages.  This keeps everything neat and consistent and is great for brand awareness.

Among the many outlets, Twitter is our favorite to use. The use of #hashtags is an excellent way for us to engage anyone with similar interests. Because we love connecting with local businesses and communities, we often use the hashtag “#Westchester” when wanting to reach out or share something with members of the community.  Also, because Twitter has a 140 character limit, there’s no room for fluff.  What you want to say has to be direct and to the point.

A best practice that we use to gain attention on Twitter is to tweet engaging, relevant content.  We like to share cool new gadgets, apps, or products related to technology that we think people would enjoy learning about.  Sharing pictures or links to our blog, website, and retweeting other useful content is very important, too.  It shows your followers that you are attentive to what’s important to them, and feel it is relevant enough for you to share it with your followers, which creates a kind of relationship.  Creating and maintaining good relationships with our clients and followers is super important to us.

Asking questions on Twitter is another great way to connect with your followers.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, too!  Don’t use 100% of your tweets towards promoting your company.  Keep it a healthy mix of fun, interesting posts, latest news, trending topics, and business.  Just remember to exercise caution with being too opinionated!  It could detract certain people, or convey an incorrect image that misrepresents your company.  Also, don’t be afraid to look into 3rd party applications that allow you to create a queue with specific dates and times to tweet automatically for you!

In essence, good business revolves around connecting with people.  And social media is a great way to do that!

We thank Cristina for sharing with us the ins and outs of having a successful social media strategy! Does your small business use any of these tips and tricks? We want to know!

About the DAE

 The Digital Arts Experience is a unique educational facility that is focused on Personal Technologies & the Digital Arts. They center on hands-on, collaborative learning.  They offer extracurricular activities for teens in Digital Video, Audio Production, Animation, Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography. In addition, they custom design courses for adults based on their skill level, time, and schedule.  Some of their popular adult classes are, “The Settings on Your Camera”, “Facebook Made Simple”, “Restoring Old Photos in Photoshop”, to name a few.

In their 8,000 sq.ft. facility, they have 8 beautifully designed computer labs with 26 computers available.  In addition, they have a fully equipped recording studio and live room, for creating sound effects and foley, a photography and video lab with green screen, and a large, multi-purpose room in the heart of our building.

They also offer our space for production services, professional college portfolio development, rentals for events, seminars, meetings, workshops, birthday parties and more.  The Digital Arts Experience is a community focused company and loves meeting and interacting with local businesses in Westchester County.

Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog

You’ve heard millennials don’t care about Facebook anymore, but it’s still the most popular social networking site for Americans, even for users age 18-24. While Snapchat has risen to number three amongst millennials, there are still other networks to keep an eye on. Innovative business owners can use many of these platforms as marketing tools, while others are just for personal use.

We will be covering many of these networks over our next few blogs. Stay with us and find out what under appreciated social network is ready for your business.


undiscovered social networks for your business presented by Gibbons Digital ConsultantsArguably the fastest rising site in popularity, snapchat allows the user to share photos or videos with friends or other users.

What makes it different: There is a time limit on the photos or videos. Once they have been seen, they are gone forever. In a world where the next big thing is only a tweet away, embrace the impermanence.

Business Savvy: Early business adopters used Snapchat to send out coupons (that had to be opened at the register before they disappeared) or debut new fashion lines. Keep in mind, the tone of your Snapchat marketing should be casual – think the opposite of LinkedIN.


undiscovered social network medium for your business from Gibbons Digital ConsultantsMedium is a new kind of blogging platform. Take it at its name – it isn’t for long blog posts. Medium gives you a great cover photo spot (use it wisely) and space for a ‘medium’ length blog post. Posts are associated with your twitter handle, as are comments.

What makes it different: Users can comment on the post and create a sort of footnote that you can then click and expand to see what others had to say and how the original author responded to the comment. Comments are private until you publish them, but can lead to great discussions on a subject.

Business Savvy: Absolutely! Not only does Medium provide simple and clear statistics and graphs for you, it also makes it very easy for readers to share content on Facebook and Twitter. Because every user is associated with their twitter handle, you can also find your readers on other sites.

We Heart It

undiscovered social networks for your businessWe Heart It at first seems like another Pinterest knockoff – but it has actually been around longer. It is an image heavy site where users can curate collections of everything they, well, heart! Users can search existing content or add their own.

What makes it different: At first glance, it’s practically the same as Pinterest. However, the little differences make themselves clear the more you use it. A cleaner more minimal layout makes the images pop, without descriptions (or wordy space for advertising) in the search results. Taste makers are also important – when you hit the information button, the first person to ‘heart’ the image is named. It is also far more popular with the coveted 18-24 demographic who see Pinterest as a place for moms.

Business Savvy: Not only can business create their own profiles and collections, like Old Navy having spots for their season collections, We Heart It now uses native advertising with sponsored posts. We can see this being a great space for any business that makes, curates or sells beautiful things. We heart it definitely skews towards image heavy marketing.

Think one of these platforms might be right for you business, but are unsure how to get it started? Contact Gibbons Digital Consultants today for an in-depth analysis of the future of your business.


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