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Gibbons Digital helps companies across a wide variety of industries leverage social media as a business development tool by providing a full range of services from comprehensive, long-term strategy to daily presence management on all social media platforms. Additionally, Gibbons Digital provides search engine optimization, email management, and blogging services to help clients increase visibility and market share. Gibbons Digital’s work was recognized by the Ad Club of Westchester, winning awards for both Facebook and email management.












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“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness. Energistically scale future-proof core competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences. Dramatically synthesize integrated schemas with.


“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.




CFO, Perfect Inc.
“Credibly innovate granular internal or "organic" sources whereas high standards in web readiness.
Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram. It goes without saying you’ve probably heard of (and are more than likely present on) at least a few of these social media sites. You might even be testing the waters of Vine! Whatever the case may be, our Westchester NY social media team knows there are a great deal of social networking sites out there and simply not enough time to be active on all of them.

New Social Media Sites to Use from Westchester NY Social Media

You know what? That’s OK! In fact, businesses who overstretch themselves by trying to be active on too many social networking sites at once often find themselves overwhelmed and feeling lost.However, it’s always a good business practice to keep your eyes and ears peeled on up-and-coming social networking sites. That’s why we’ve put together this list of lesser-known social networking sites to keep on your radar. Who knows? One of these may be the “new Facebook” one day!

1. Quora. This is by far one of our favorites for the simple fact that it allows you to establish yourself as a trusted thought leader in your industry and build relationships in the process. Quora is dubbed a “Q&A community” in the sense that anyone who wants to learn about any topic can ask questions and receive answers. Let’s say you’re a personal trainer. You can create a profile on Quora, blog about the health and fitness industries, search for questions people have regarding these areas and answer away! Providing quality and engaging content will leverage your reputation as a knowledgeable go-to source for all things health and fitness related. Another reason to be on Quora? Your content is likely to be picked up by Google, boosting rankings in a Google search. Not a bad deal!

2. Sulia. Somewhat similar to Quora, Sulia connects you the top industry social sources on topic you want to learn more about. These trusted sources are strategically sought out by Sulia to ensure the best quality content possible is provided. A great tool for learning the latest and hottest topics in any area, Sulia is an excellent resource for staying on top of topics you hold most important and connecting you with other like-minded people.

3. Stumbleupon. Although Stumbleupon has been around for some time now, this addicting content-discovery site has recently become more business-friendly by actually giving users the ability to select their target audience before releasing their content. Stumbleupon is very user-friendly social bookmarking site and allows users to explore their interests which come in the form of content from millions of different resources. Stumbleupon is a great way to share  and distribute your content, whether in the form of a link to your website or blog post.

4. Keek. Deemed a “smaller YouTube,” Keek is a mobile app has also been compared to Vine in the sense that it allows you to share your content in the form of short video clips. While we think Vine is a blast, Keek allows for longer videos (36 seconds vs. 6 seconds on Vine), which is preferred by users who like to share their blogs on video (vloggers). Keek content can be shared to other social networking sites with ease and is hashtag-friendly, too!

The world of social networking is one that grows and changes each day! Not every social networking site is meant for everyone, but it’s still important to stay “in the know” on the ever-evolving social platforms that are available. These happen to be our top picks. What are yours? Share your lesser-known social networking sites with us!


Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog


This year’s Super Bowl was especially eventful with the infamous Blackout, Beyonce’s halftime performance, and hilarious commercials, so it’s no surprise that Internet news giant Mashable reported this year’s Super Bowl social media activity being 3 times higher than last year’s. Numerically speaking, there were around 52,500,000 people using social media this year during the big game compared to a mere 17,500,000 last year. While this year’s event was especially entertaining, we believe this large spike can also be credited to our nation’s ever-increasing social media use, which won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


   Twitter was the big “winner” in the grand scheme of everything, thanks to mentions in almost half of all commercials while Facebook received only 4. In addition, Twitter was the most-used social media platform throughout the game with brands and personal accounts updating their content and thoughts every few minutes. Like any other live event, we agree that Twitter was the best social media platform to be posting updates on during the Super Bowl, which many brands proved to be true. Perhaps the most talked-about social media moment of the big game was Oreo’s quick-thinking during the power outage, posting this clever tweet:


A lot of other brands also posted their own “Blackout tweets,” taking advantage of the buzzed-about social media topic like this tweet from Audi:

Maybe it’s the social media nerds in us, but we give props to these companies for their quick thinking (not to mention very quick graphic designers) to creating great content during such a fast-paced event. We would love to see the “behind the scenes” of Super Bowl social media coverage at one of these companies!

Beyonce’s halftime show had Twitter in a whirlwind with declarations of her “winning the Super Bowl” and having such an electric performance that the power shut down:

We had a great time reading all the social media updates the Super Bowl brought (and of course writing our own)! It is safe to say we are already looking forward to next year’s event, and we think the social media use will be even bigger and better than this year’s!

Did you use social media during the Super Bowl? Do you have a favorite tweet or Facebook update from the big game? Share your stories with us!

Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog

Local MindEach week I find new smart phone applications for my iPhone that will make my life easier.  I’ve found 2 great new applications that I’ve come to really enjoy and find extremely helpful and thought others would too! Wherever you may live, you will benefit from these fantastic, user-friendly location based applications.

How many times have you showed up to your favorite store, coffee shop or restaurant and had to wait when you really didn’t have the time or patience to do so? Well, Localmind will save you time and reduce frustration by giving you that “know before you go!” heads up. After downloading and setting up an account with Localmind, you ask questions to other Localmind users near you about specific locations, and receive answers from real human beings at that specific location. For example I could post a question like, “What’s the best driving route to take from downtown Manhattan to Westchester County during rush hour?” “Is there a long line at Starbucks in White Plains?” “What’s a good safe place to park if I’m spending a few days in Manhattan?” or “Can you recommend a good bar around here?” The possibilities are endless, and I’ve personally gotten great, fast and helpful feed back!

Localmind is available for iPhone and Android users.

Visit to personally find out how Localmind can benefit your business, as well!

Sonar LogoAnother application that I would highly recommend is Sonar. Sonar is a great networking tool for both business and pleasure. It gathers all your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and linkedIn friends into a database and helps you to discover new people with whom you share online connections to and who are in close proximity to you (even if they don’t have the Sonar application.) Sonar even lets you view and check into nearby places allowing you to expand your Sonar Network of friends. This application can really help to expand your social networks and provide endless opportunities for connecting with new and interesting people.

Saturday, 30 September 2017 / Published in Blog

Are you a small business owner without a budget for a graphic designer? These helpful tools will help you bring your visual A game into your digital and print branding, even if you don’t have Photoshop!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; it may also be worth a thousand retweets. For small and mid-size businesses, a graphic designer isn’t always in the budget, which is why we’re in love with Canva – a free service where anyone can make branded cover photos, infographics, flyers, invitations, email marketing and images for posts.

Once you check out these statistics on how visual content drives social media engagement, you’ll be quick to put aside some time to master your own graphic design.

Eye widening stats on visuals in social media infographic

After you quickly create a free account, Canva offers you dimensions for most of your marketing needs – from email headers and Etsy banners to Facebook ads and menus. You can even design your wedding invitations using this free graphic design tool! If you don’t see the dimension you’re looking for (LinkedIn Company Page Banners are noticeably missing), you can click ‘use custom dimensions’ and start creating at any width or height.

Social Media Image Dimensions for posts, profile pictures and cover photos on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and more

You’ll see an array of eye-catching templates on the left hand side, some of which are marked free, that you can choose from before you build up to creating your own designs from scratch. Along with paid templates that you have 24 hours to edit, you can also use Canva’s search bar to find affordable stock photography to use in your design. You can also upload your own images, branding and logos.

ProTip: Sites like are full of free stock photography, graphics and icons to incorporate into your visuals, with more being added everyday.

While the search function is very basic, try tacking the word ‘free’ onto your searches and see if you can find what you need. The library of images and graphics includes

  • Grids – to pop photos into a collage quickly and efficiently
  • Frames – these are growing everyday, and are like templates themselves
  • Shapes – perfect for anything from infographs to valentine cards
  • Lines – tons of different designs, though a little frustrating to resize
  • Illustrations – graphics to add to any image
  • Icons – from social media logos to lightening bolts
  • Photos – a huge range of stock photography, mostly paid
  • Charts – beautiful ways to turn your data visual

You’ll soon master transparency, line spacing, custom html color codes and more – especially if you go to Canva’s online Design School and make your way through their free graphic design tool tutorials!

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